Steam old digit guide
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    About first CD keys:


    The original Hl1 key is the strongest proof of ownership.

    If you ever need to prove ownership, PRINT the CD key and use it as proof.

    EVEN when you have the original CD key, you should avoid telling anyone that you bought this account. You also have to make sure the CD key you printed has good quality, otherwise you put your account at risk – see on the example pictures below.

    If your account were stolen or locked by steam support, follow these steps.


    Using the first CD key:


    1. Go to a print shop where you can print the PDF file. You must print the CD key
    to a CD cover type of paper. This is needed to appear authentic. After you have to CUT the CD key, below you will find a good and a bad example.

    2. Contact Steam support and if you are asked, provide ownership as seen here:

    3. Hand-write the ticket number next to the CD key, make a photo and upload it.

    4. If you are not sure about what to do, it’s best to contact me and I will help you.